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As  RAM  is referred to the so-cal...
As RAM is referred to the so-called read-write memory in a PC. This is together with the CPU at the heart of any computer. RAM is obtained at the time in three variants. It is divided into DDR RAM, DDRII RAM and DDRIII RAM. Most frequently sought as a spare part of DDRII RAM, DDR as now is no longer state of the art and the purchase of DDRIII RAM is often associated with a conversion of the whole system. DDRII has a socket with 240 pins. Go GDR has only 180 contacts, so that the DRR standard is no longer compatible with DDRII. Although DDRIII also has 240 pins, but is no longer backwards compatible with DDRII due to different notches. Thus, in this generation boards usually remains only the choice of this either replace or to care for a replacement for the store.

DDR-II-RAM is divided internally depending on the kind of the chipset. In the smallest variant, this is DDRII-400. The chipsets extend to DDRII 1066. This specification makes a clear statement about the memory clock and the transmission rate. The clock can be between 200 MHz and 533 MHz. Depending on whether the memory in single-mode or dual-channel is operated, results in different transmission rates. This can be in a module between 3.2GB/s and 8.5GB/s. In dual-channel, so if at least two bars were installed in the system, are the rates, depending on the type of memory between 6.4GB/s and 17GB/s

In any case, it makes sense to at several bars, each of the same modules to build in with the same characteristics. Memory is very sturdy, so you may approach on used DDRII RAM modules. This refurbished DDRII RAM bars are of course subjected to scrutiny, so that its functionality is guaranteed. Used DDRII RAM is also cheaper than is the case with new. Is also worth mentioning that there are still systems are produced that support this standard, which is why the choice often falls on DDRII memory.

With refurbished DDRII RAM bars are goods of top manufacturers. Among them you will find products from Infineon, Hynix, Nanya, Kingston or Samsung. All of these products deliver outstanding performance. Here it should be ensured that when several modules have the same bolt to be installed, as they only reach their full potential and can be there then also assumed that these modules are compatible.

It is also important to pay attention to whether the RAM suitable for normal PC use, or designed for servers and workstations. Just about all computer systems support, for example, no ECC RAM. This has been specially designed for server systems and has the property to detect internal data errors and to correct them instantly, which is why this type of RAM frequently in computer systems for use in which to tolerate in any way data errors are as given in servers running in large companies or in workstations that are used for example in scientific jobs.

The most important information on the respective modules can find on the label located on the bars.

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