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With the DDR  RAM  it all started...
With the DDR RAM it all started really. He was the first memory, which, found general use in the PCs around the world. Used DDR RAM is often sought today, since no systems are manufactured with this technology more.

The DDR RAM came in 1999 on the market. He was the successor of the so-called EDO RAM memory banks, which until then had been in use. The advantage of the DDR is that it allows much higher data transfer rates than the EDO RAM. The DDR-bars are stocked with 184 pins. The SD-RAM version even with only 168 pins.

The chip sets start at DDR-200 and extend up to DDR-400. This allows clock frequencies between 200 MHz and 400 MHz. The data transfer rate is a tie between 1.6GB / s and 3.2GB / s If two bars be installed in the system, so the data transfer rate doubled accordingly. The normal operating voltage, depending on the type of the module, 2.5 to 2.6 volts.

DDR memory modules usually have a minimum capacity of 125 MB and can extend up to 2 GB per per bar. In operation, the DDR-RAM produces a certain temperature. This is the case for all DDR modules. To counteract this, the lock can be equipped with a separate heat sink. This is derived similar way to a processor, the heat from the module, thus ensuring effective cooling.

Used DDR RAM is often the only way to assemble a board of this generation still sufficient. DDR memory is no longer manufactured since the year 2005. However, memory is one of the most robust components within a PC. In this way, also used modules can be reused at any time. A deterioration in the quality can not be expected during use.

The selection of DDR memory modules on the market is large. All refurbished DDR RAM bars were tested for their functionality, are overhauled or is properly used goods. When buying used hardware is reduced compared to virgin material, the cost considerably. In addition, it helps the environment, because in Germany Every year thousands of tons of electronic waste are produced. DDR bars are available from manufacturers including Samsung, Infineon or Kingston. Also Hynix is in this segment modules forth of excellent quality. Who needs only a tie to replace or upgrade, the necessary information can be found on the label located on each bolt. Care should be taken in every case that only tie with the same characteristics can be installed.

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