Since its founding in 1994 Corsair...
Since its founding in 1994 Corsair continues to grow and is today one of the leading suppliers of PC components and accessories. Gamer and computer enthusiasts who like to assemble their own desktop PC are addressed. From powerful memory to efficient power supplies, virtually everything is represented at Corsair. In 2014, the manufacturer also launched a separate brand for gaming hardware and accessories to further focus on professional eSportspeople. The various products are now available in more than 60 countries. Above all, we offer used power supplies, SSDs and other Corsair components that you can use to upgrade and repair your computer.

Product Portfolio

PC Enclosures

The enclosure of a computer system provides the foundation for additional hardware. Corsair makes both simple models, as well as unusual designs, so that visually everyone finds the right one. At the same time, however, you can choose according to the further characteristics. In addition to quietest possible housings, Corsair also produces those that are optimized for liquid cooling, remain particularly compact or even have a carrying handle. Side windows and RGB lighting are also possible.


The RAM memory is one of the key hardware components in the PC and is instrumental in the ultimate overall performance. In addition to traditional memory in DIMM and SODIMM format, Corsair also offers modules that can be overclocked, making them ideal for gamers looking for maximum performance. These are available with the currently used DDR4 and DDR3 SDRAM techniques.

PC Power Supplies

In order to ensure reliable and unrestricted operation, it is important to choose the right power supply. Corsair's VS Series is designed for simple desktop PCs that need to handle everyday tasks. However, the manufacturer also offers other models for high-performance PCs, which score a particularly high efficiency. In addition, if effective voltage regulation and virtually silent operation are required, Corsair also offers suitable power supplies.


Especially powerful PC systems generate a lot of waste heat that has to be removed. Use the various cooling units from Corsair, some of which even work silently. However, not only housing coolers are included in the range, but also those that are suitable for the processor or graphics card. Overall, it also maximizes your computer's performance by allowing you to work longer at a higher performance level.

Mouse and keyboard

In the product field of the input devices one sees the strong orientation on the gaming segment, since many of the keyboards and mice by unique designs already optically for a Eye catcher worry. But Corsair also achieves a special level of comfort and integrates additional keys, as well as other practical functions. The keyboards are also available with mechanical key switches to provide high speed and responsiveness.


The SSDs are particularly popular in this area because they provide a huge speed advantage over traditional hard drives. Corsair offers these in the well-known 2.5-inch format with SATA connection, but also holds even more performant models ready, which are sometimes manufactured in a compact M.2 format or as a PCI-Express expansion card. Likewise, the various USB sticks are also among the data storage devices that convince not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of security and robustness.

Other Products

The amount of hardware and accessories at Corsair goes beyond those product fields. The manufacturer also offers cables, headphones, gaming chairs, mouse pads and specially adapted hardware such as graphics cards. Likewise, there are always complete PCs, which are thought through to the smallest detail and convey the maximum enthusiasm. The model Bulldog is, for example, intended for the living room and is also suitable for gaming with the latest VR glasses.
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