The company Conexant was founded in 1999 and is likely to be known to many users, above all, through their work in the field of sound cards. In general, the manufacturer produces integrated circuits (short ICs) and is active in the areas of voice / audio, as well as imaging. Conexant has been part of Synaptics since July 2017, which is why the head office is in San Jose, USA. However, there are other branches in the USA, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Korea. The technology of the manufacturer is also part of many OEM products, which is often not obvious at first glance. Among other things, you will receive used sound cards for the professional sector of Conexant.

Product Portfolio


In particular, Conexant audio system solutions are widely used and well known to many users. These are used, for example, in tablet PCs, desktop computers or even smartphones. Accordingly, this area is specifically aimed at OEM manufacturers who want to integrate the finished solutions in their products. In particular, Conexant impresses with its low power consumption, versatile connection options and additional powerful functions.

Far-Field ADC

The Far-Field Analog Digital Converters (ADC) stand for outstanding performance and efficient operation. This gives you the optimum sound quality in every imaginable application. Due to the optimization for the consumer sector, these Conexant solutions are, for example, suitable for video cameras, smart TVs, game consoles and many other electronic devices. Thanks to the strong focus on low power consumption, the mobile devices also benefit because they can achieve longer battery life.

Advanced USB

With the advent of the current USB Type-C interface, Conexant of course also offers appropriate chips that put the sound quality in the foreground. This not only addresses private individuals who use a headset or 3D gaming headset, because Universal Communication (UC) headsets for everyday office use also achieve better quality. Depending on the area of ??application and the desired specification, an OEM manufacturer can opt for the right solution here as well.

Speech Processors

Speech language processing is increasingly needed nowadays. From smart TVs, game consoles, to navigation devices, end devices are increasingly receiving voice commands. For this to work reliably, Conexant manufactures both hardware and software to help with processing. Even if music is playing in the background, you can still make a targeted control of the devices by voice command.


Conexant also offers the AudioSmart software completely as a stand-alone application. Simply choose between the Classic, Max and Pro versions for crystal clear sound without the hassle of background noise or other effects. Supported operating systems include Android, Linux, and Windows. In addition, the software is designed to work with the codec hardware.


This is the second major core area at Conexant. Included are above all hardware and software, which are suitable, for example, for embedded modems, fax machines, digital video systems and printers. Thus, different manufacturers of products in these segments can benefit from many years of experience and raise the quality to the highest possible level. For digital video equipment, e.g. the chips with integrated VGA JPEG, MJPEG and DIFF encoder or even those with HD video encode / decode processor. The possibilities are almost endless and the product range naturally expands again and again with new technologies.
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