Constantly new notebooks will be published, which provide by more recent hardware for increased performance. In addition, it is powered on ever smaller space, to allow as flat and compact devices. If a fault or a desired increase in performance, therefore the question often arises as to whether the replacement of individual components is possible and what hardware can be used for it. We have this feature compiled all the products for you that are generally suitable for use in or on the notebook. This also includes accessories, which in the office and on the road is the demands.

How can we increase performance and functionality of a notebook ?

Due to the compact composition, the use of standard computer hardware is not possible. However, almost all laptops support a subsequent upgrade of memory. The so-called SO- DIMM RAM modules are often located under a small plastic cover on the bottom of the unit. However, it must be taken (depending on processor) here on the type used and the supported total capacity. Processors, however, are not always interchangeable, so you should obtain more detailed information here in advance. Especially in mobile workstations to offer even more options. So the graphics card must be replaced to accelerate professional graphics applications here in many cases. In the area of ??peripheral you have similar options as the desktop computer, as many interfaces such as USB, eSATA and more, are made ??available to the notebook. When it comes to an extension of the ports, you can also use PCMCIA cards or ExpressCards. The latter are used in more recent notebooks because they are a development of PCMCIA cards and offer higher data throughput. This offer, depending on the model, for example, another LAN port or expand their device with USB 3.0 ports.

Why use a used system ?

With our products are tested and high-quality components for notebooks from different manufacturers. These are by us, but also partly by the manufacturers themselves, refurbished, and through doing various tests. This makes it possible for us to you in addition to the low price, to offer a consistent quality. Upgrading your memory is also the laptop computer is easy and therefore often provides an inexpensive option to increase performance without much effort. But even a mobile workstation that has to purchase leads to high investment, is equipped by our refurbished graphics cards with new computing power and thus continue to be used even longer. Finally, we also offer a wide range of original spare parts. One of our refurbished motherboards can fix in the best case the total loss of your device so that it can be used as quickly as possible as usual.
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