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Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd

Chunghwa Picture Tubes, often simply referred to CPT is a Taiwanese manufacturer of displays of various kinds. After the foundation in 1971, the producers initially focused on the production of CRT monitors. Today, however, a variety of technologies to be implemented, thereby making products for computers, notebooks and tablets are formed, but also for other areas of industry, such as the automotive industry. Worldwide worry about 11,000 people to the production and sale, as well as research into new display techniques. We provide mainly new and used laptop screens of Chunghwa Picture Tubes, you can use eg. For a cost-effective repair.


About tablet

Especially in today's mobile life, include tablets to the steady companions of many users. Therefore, Chunghwa Picture Tubes different display offers models that OEM manufacturers can directly install in its machines. In addition to the conventional screen sizes from 7 to 10.1 inches, resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,200 pixels are willing to provide detailed ads.


Likewise own vehicles today more and more displays. Chunghwa Picture Tubes makes small models of 4.2 inches, for multimedia applications, but also larger screens forth with 12.3 inches. The latter can, for example, used for navigation or display as a central element all the important information. Certain resolutions and panel types provide here for each ideal display, according to the desired application.

Mobile Devices

Still a step smaller than tablets, smartphones have become indispensable. With display sizes from 3.95 to 6 inches of CPT provides virtually all known quantities, the other manufacturers can use in your systems. It must however not necessarily have to smartphones, because of course MP3 players, navigation systems and digital cameras have built-in displays.

CE Application

This term multiple device types are combined. With 4.3 to 21.5 inches, the range of possible screen sizes is particularly large. Whether therefore displays for notebooks, monitors and other mobile computing systems, as well as portable DVD and BluRay player, you get virtually for every application the right model. These are suitable for private clients but rather for repair, as primarily OEM manufacturers are customers of Chunghwa Picture Tubes.
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