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When Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) is a subsidiary founded in 1997, the Chi Mei Corporation. This is one of the world's largest manufacturers of TFT-LCD products and is based in Taiwan. In addition to screens for notebook computers and other systems is Chi Mei also manufacture LED lamps for office and home use. In addition, the Chi Mei Group is active in many other areas, so to some extent only the necessary raw materials are produced, from which keyboards, printers, etc. will. We provide new and refurbished displays your laptop to fix a defect as inexpensively as possible.


LCD displays

The LCD displays are mainly used in laptops for use. Included are here practically all sizes of 10.1 inches (for small netbooks) to 23 inches. The resolution is depending on the model a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is full HD. For you, these screens are particularly suitable if your notebook has such a defect. In many models of exchange with minimal technical skills is even feasible, so an inexpensive repair by a refurbished notebook display is possible here.

LED Bulbs

Various models are made of LED lamps Whether for work or home use, Chi Mei, you can select suitable based on the existing work environment not only functional, but also design technically. In addition, as this will save power, the payback period on the purchase price.

If you need a new display for your notebook, you are sure to find it at Chi Mei. If in doubt, you can also contact us with questions, of course. In some circumstances it may be necessary to dismantle the old display only, since existing cables and connectors must be checked.
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