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At the present time data are more than ever the most important and valuable assets of a business. We therefore offer a certified deletion of data carriers, to prevent the fall into the wrong hands your data. How exactly this process expires, why it is needed and what else should be observed, learn hereafter.

We of noteboox.de assure it a confidential handling of your Disks to, so you are without any doubt of their whereabouts clear. Similarly, we are at your disposal if you have questions or special have desires. Our trained staff create here the best possible solution, to all your requirements to your full satisfaction to meet. Therefore we would simply contact us and let us advise you.

User manual for Certus Erasure Web Manager.
User manual for Certus Erasure version 3.8.0.
Quick Start Certus Erasure User Guide.
Certus Erasure HASP Key User Guide, which allows you to automatically use the Certus Erase software.

What is Certus?

With Certus is a software that targeted for data erasure was developed by various guidelines and standards. This can be rest details and content of residue Remove disks. You can then pass this hesitation therefore, without fear that the parties can perform a restore. The latter is mainly secured by the algorithms, which used to come at Certus.

The company was established directly with the orientation, to provide a software solution that convinces especially business users. The German plant in Augsburg acts as the headquarters of Certus and ensures compliance with high quality standards. This already is a safety certification to Common Criteria EAL3 +. The latter requires the developers proof of performed tests and the systematic search for vulnerabilities. Following Follow more Tests by the auditors, ensuring thus the conditions have been met.

Which storage media, it also acts Certus has a far-reaching Compatibility on to most of the known standards and formats, that occur in the IT industry. Of course, this is done not only simple deletion by the software. They also generates detailed reports, which offer the best possible transparency. Thus go nowhere critical business information in the wrong hands and you can fully concentrate on your work.

What hardware erase Certus?

a notebook or laptop is the ...
All mobile devices are in the company of the other risk factors, particularly since a loss can already cause your documents come to the wrong person. Similarly, these are discarded after a certain time, and in many cases directly the hard disk is removed. However, only switches within the enterprise user, enough already to be removed from the previously stored data with Certus.
In this category you will find a ...
As with notebooks, it is important to pay special attention to the files stored on desktop PCs. Therefore, completely delete these computer systems before leaving your company. The same applies of course to private users who are considering a sale. After all, nobody wants to be searched the personal documents of strangers.
Under a server (from lat. Servus = ...
Rack-mounted IT systems, especially servers, generally receive more attention and are usually maintained by professionals. As with client computers, however, deletion of the data should always take place before the system is discarded. Whether server, NAS or other storage devices, Certus helps to remove all business data without leaving any trace. Alternatively, a destruction of the data carriers is often made here, which we also offer.
The hard drives from this category ...
Hard Drives
Data is today on more and more devices and the most diverse storage media. It is no longer just about hard drives and SSDs from desktops or notebooks, but also to USB sticks or memory cards of their digital camera. Therefore, you should rather be on the safe side and have all data carriers with Certus cleared of any sensitive information.
How is a data deletion done with Certus?
After connecting the hard disk or another storage medium, the Certus software is started. This is followed by the selection of the desired algorithms, which are occasionally referred to as patterns. These essentially provide some key data which may be e.g. is the number of overrides.

Which standards Certus supports, we have listed for you in the right section. Just click on the appropriate algorithm to open a short description. This tells you, for example, how many deletions it requires and how it achieves secure data deletion. Thus, in some a certain procedure is prescribed, such as overwriting with zeros or random values. In addition, a final read can be made, which controls the proper execution.

There are now some applications that already offer a secure deletion. However, the great advantage of Certus is the perfect combination of individual components. This creates a complete solution that provides you with more information beyond data deletion. As a result, you can easily keep track and profit from the necessary transparency of the manufacturer. If you opt for the cloud software, thanks to TLS v1.2 you can be sure that the administration is fully secured.

Whether you want to use the Certus solution in your own company or commission us with data deletion. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report on the entire process. This is especially important if you have to comply with legal or company regulations. Be it proof of the algorithm used or a list of all data media. Talk to us and we will take care of the complete planning, execution and of course final reports.
British HMG IS5 Baseline
The HMG Infosec Standard 5 (IS5) is mainly used by the British government for data deletion. The baseline variant requires a one-time overwriting with generated random data.
British HMG IS5 Enhanced
Bruce Schneier
Canadian OPS - II
Gutmann Algorithm
German VSITR
NCSC - TG - 025
NSA 130 - 2
Russian GOST R 50739 - 95
US Air Force 5020
US DoD 5220.22 - M
Who chooses the algorithm?
If you wish a certified data deletion with Certus, you can of course choose which algorithm should be used. Likewise we advise you gladly, whereby often already by the company guidelines it is determined how a residue-free deletion has to take place. If, instead of a complete removal of the data, you wish to securely destroy your storage media, you can also contact us. For such cases, we also offer proven solutions, as under certain conditions physical destruction is required.
Can I just format with Windows?
Unfortunately, many users commit this error. Although volumes of Windows are described completely with zeros, provided the quick formatting is disabled, but this does not represent a high level of security. Particularly with company data, which can be particularly valuable, third with higher expenditure could bring data again to the surface, which are not intended for them. So trust the certified ones Data erasure with Certus and be on the safe side. Talk to us and we will offer you a tailor-made solution.
Which connections does Certus support?
The Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) is particularly common in workstations and servers. Therefore, Certus has of course provided full support for the interface, as the data wipe software is especially targeted at businesses.
With the increasing amount of data, SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) has now established itself as an interface in the business segment. The connected hard disks and SSDs can also be deleted directly with Certus, without prior removal from the system.
Fiber Channel
Similar to the SCSI interface, the Fiber Channel (FC) interface is often found in legacy server and workstation systems. For example, use certified data erasure with Certus before you put used servers into the retirement process so you do not accidentally lose your data beyond your reach.
The IDE interface, often referred to as ATA, is one of the standards for desktop PCs and notebooks. Certus is therefore also suitable for these data media, so that you can safely and completely eliminate all data backlogs.
More and more PC systems have the new Solid State Disks, as they bring an enormous performance increase. Due to the technology, however, these are a special case for the secure removal of data. However, Certus also deletes these storage media reliably and permanently.
Certus also supports the current standard interface for hard disks and SSDs with the Serial ATA technology. No matter if they are in workstations, desktop computers or notebooks, a certified deletion is possible at any time without restrictions.
A tablet ...
Many devices that are used today, such as tablet PCs, no longer have memory that you can easily remove. This must therefore also be safely deleted as soon as the systems leave their own environment. Trust in these systems on Certus for secure data deletion.
Due to the compact format of many USB storage media, such as external hard drives or USB sticks, they often go carelessly into the wrong hands. So play safe with these data carriers and ensure data deletion to the highest standards.

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