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A blade server, short blade (English for "blade" or "leaf") consists of a rack and the individual modules, which are also often referred to only as Blades. The modules taking advantage of the power of the carrier and are even equipped with CPU, GPU, RAM or hard drives. However, the components are vendor-specific, so do not mix with each other. To better distinguish the name Blade Center or Blade Enclosure is used for the enclosure. Depending on the manufacturer there may be differences here. In our assortment are used blades from reputable manufacturers, such as market leader HP or Fujistu, Cisco, IBM and Dell.

What is a blade server built?

The rack has a main board with microprocessor, memory, and one or two hard drives. If more resources are needed to be used more blades. These are simply pushed into the designated slot and are then connected to the backplane. The special here is that the ventilation and power is transferred from the carrier. This is redundant, as a rule, to keep the probability of failure to a minimum. The hardware of the rack is the individual modules completely available, eg Network ports, optical drives, or the like. Operated blade servers almost exclusively in 19-inch racks. Due to the fact that this very powerful hardware is operated in a confined space, but should be made strictly in advance of a suitable power consumption, as well as the removal of heat.

What advantages does a blade server?

Primarily offer blade server once a compact design and thus a high power density. Likewise, they are flexible, scalable and easier to maintain in part, as a normal server. You can say, for example. Use one of our used Blade Center and as soon as your requirements grow, your system can grow by adding additional modules are installed. Furthermore, one needs only a mouse and keyboard, and a monitor for the management of the complete hardware. This not only reduces the administrative overhead but provides again for easier wiring.

If you decide to switch to a blade server and see for yourself. Many of the possibilities that offers such a system.

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