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The Beats Electronics has already been ...
Officially founded in 2006, Beats Electronics products enjoy great popularity today. This is due in particular to the product range of premium consumer headphones, which was named after the founder of the company, rapper dr. Dre were named. Thanks to advanced technology, they provide an impressive musical experience, specifically reflecting the energy, emotions and excitement created by the musician in the recording studio. Beats by Dr. Dre headphones thus offer a very special listening experience.

It was only two years after its founding, ie in 2008, that Beats by Dr. Ing. Dre Studio launched the first product on the market. Initially, Monster Cable Products made several headphone models, but this cooperation ended in 2012. Since then, Beats Electronics has been manufacturing its own products. Some computers from HP and smartphones from HTC also equipped the company with speaker systems, which in particular the spread of the name continued to progress. In addition, a special model of the Chrysler 300 has a stereo from Beats Electronics.

However, the manufacturer was not always under the control of the founders. In 2011, HTC acquired a majority shareholding of 50.1 percent, but in the following year sold another 25 percent of Dr. Ing. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. In 2013, HTC withdrew completely from the brand until ultimately Apple announced it would take over Beats Electronics. This is also the reason why some products have been specifically designed to work with an iPhone or iPad. Ultimately, however, everyone can benefit from the high quality, regardless of which terminal device is ultimately used.
Current portfolio of Beats By Dre
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By far the largest offer can be found at Beats By Dr. Dre under the headphones. If you are looking for a chic model with as much color as possible, the Solo2 handset is a good choice. Likewise, of course, users who want a professional product are addressed. So the mixr series is aimed specifically at DJs and with the headphones from the Studio product line, you get the ultimate listening experience, which is especially fun with your own work. Many models also come with wireless variants, so that you can act freely and undisturbed while listening to music.

Especially the headphone models are among the best-known products of the manufacturer. Ultimately, it introduces a whole new breadth of possibilities to bring you the sound the artist desires. Therefore, many musicians and artists can be found as supporters of the individual models. These include e.g. David Guetta (Beats Mixr) or Nicki Minaj (Beats Pro). So enjoy the extensive selection and benefit from the impressive sound.
Earphones are ...
If you prefer a more discreet, traveling, in the city or at home, but do not want to give up his music, access to the in-ear headphones from Beats Electronics. Various artists like LeBron James, Lady Gaga or, of course, dr. Dre themselves, but have not only ensured a special sound. Likewise, comfort is one of the most important factors and is achieved by different characteristics.

Many of these models have, like the headphones, an integrated microphone and a remote control in the cable. This allows you to easily switch between music and calls without having to use a smartphone. The different colors and designs allow you to choose your own personal style. Be sure that you experience a special sound that you not only hear, but feel. For athletes there are also the Beats by Dr. med. Dre Powerbeats, which provide the perfect grip with extra earhooks.
A speaker is ...
Those who like to share their music with others can safely access the Beats Electronics speakers. These small devices are true sound wonders and convince by diverse connectivity options. Simply connect the smartphone, tablet or notebook to the box and the sound will ring out for everyone. This ensures the best entertainment, whether in your own apartment or outdoors.

Be it the Beats Box or the Portable model, you can choose exactly the speaker that best suits your lifestyle. In addition, the Pink Pill was developed in collaboration with Nicki Minaj, which is a slight modification of the Beats Pill. In any case, you get a lightweight on-the-go sound system that you can take anywhere. Your friends and acquaintances will be thrilled, so your attention will be sure to be present at the next celebration.
Of course, you can also contact us any time, if you have a desired model or a specific Beats by Dr. med. Dre headphones can not be found in our range. We will then make you an appropriate offer or offer an alternative, so you can convince yourself of the impressive sound. You can also contact us for technical details or ambiguities. Simply contact us and use one of the various options, such as telephone, email and the contact form.
Is there a warranty on the offered Beats products?
Occasionally it may be possible that the various items are still in the warranty period, but we can not guarantee this. In any case, you will receive the statutory warranty of 12 months.
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Refurbished demo devices
The Beats Electronics has already been ...
Most of the beats offered by us by Dr. med. Dre article, it is overhauled headphones and speakers. These were previously used as demo devices / showcase devices and were of course checked for their technical function. In addition, a cleaning of the individual components, whereby you can use the full quality for a small price. The original packaging or specific accessories may be missing in some cases, just check the corresponding information in the item description.

Especially in everyday use wired headphones are quickly disturbing. Not only the freedom of movement is limited by it, also the unraveling of the cables is often necessary with each use again. Beats by Dr. Dre therefore offers the most popular models of the manufactured headphones in a wireless version. The only requirement for use is usually a terminal device with Bluetooth to establish the connection. However, even with these wireless headphones, their music is accurately and clearly rendered, making them equally suitable for home and travel.

You are not just looking for a headphone with incredible sound, but you are also looking for a product that complements your personal style? Beats by Dr. Dre fulfills this wish by the unique design, which is combined with a true variety of colors. Many of the headphone models are therefore available in numerous variants, giving you the freedom of choice. In addition, there are particularly unusual special models that provide a visually incomparable impression. Of course, those who prefer it simply get their money's worth, which is why black and white are just as common among the color variations.

Beats by Dr. However, Dre convinces with the developed headphones not only by an impressive design and the high-quality sound quality. Likewise, all models are designed for high reliability, so that they prove themselves in every situation. So you can relax at home with your favorite music, as well as benefit from the sound on the go. Some in-ear models have also been developed specifically for athletes and an active lifestyle. Beats by Dr. In addition, we process the experience of experts in order to produce the best possible end products for you.