From a part of Lucent Technologies in...
From a part of Lucent Technologies in 2000, the new company Avaya, founded as a spin. This has worked in the ICT industry and provides communications solutions for businesses of any size. With around 17,000 employees worldwide (including approximately 3,000 in Germany), it is one of the leading companies in the fields of VoIP and UC (Unified Communications). The Avaya Germany GmbH is also in Switzerland and Austria, responsible and is located in Munich. For far more than 5,900 patents shall inter alia: Avaya Labs, which represent the company's own research and development center. The goal of revolutionizing the communication, to simplify it is always at the forefront.

Current product series


This platform defines the communication in your company from scratch. You not only get current technology, but also the support of several hundred applications from software companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Google. The more than 700 functions provide a simple and straightforward process in the company and also leave conferencing applications to. Whether current IP environment or older TDM connections, this solution was developed for both types and is compatible with a wide range of IP, digital and analog connections. The centralized management enables the use even an international system to tie branches. Therefore, these products are also for large companies that employ several employees with home office jobs.

Agile Communication Environment

This is a software solution that can be fully integrated into an existing system. The goal is to accelerate business processes and to ensure trouble- free operation. Therefore, the application can be in various third-party software to include. There are, for example, add-on packages for IBM Lotus and Microsoft Communicator is available to ensure full cooperation. By hot-desking can also communication devices, such as phones and video devices can be easily managed via a web interface. These are just a few features of this comprehensive solution that guarantees your workday easier.

Software Communication System

For small and mittelstä, sized businesses, this series provides the ideal communication platforms. This offer everything you need to master the entry into the unified communications application without problems so as to improve cooperation as a whole. Both softphones and IP phones are offered. The hardware of the Avaya Secure Router come with server module or third-party platforms, such as Dell, HP and IBM in question.

More Products

course Avaya also produces a variety of devices for the different platforms. In many cases, these are mutually compatible and can be used very versatile therefore. The area of ??network solutions is becoming an increasing activity of Avaya, because in today's communication and IT networking are increasingly linked. The company also offers various systems for wireless LAN, access control, routers and network management.
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