Auditing and testing / refurbishing

To provide the best possible value for your used hardware and the replaced systems, all submitted or fetched devices come with us in a complex and standardized process of auditing. The audit is divided into several individual steps, which are explained in the following. After completion of the entire process, you will receive a detailed report on all work carried out and with all appliances included, so you can immediately see what you added value obtained by the used systems.

How does the auditing?

Initially, all devices are cataloged. This means in this case that all devices are first recorded with your serial number and all other relevant data. The data included in the individual equipment (processor, memory, hard drive capacity and other), possibly linked to the product licenses (eg operating system) and of course the technical and optical condition. After completion you will receive here a detailed report with all collected data and in particular the serial numbers, so you can match them with your inventory list.

What exactly is being tested?

All devices are tested fully for functionality from us. This includes all individual components such as hard drive, memory, and expansion cards (eg ISDN card). In the case of occurring defects, we talk to you depending on the severity consultation. The test results will, of course, with the final report in a.

What happens when refurbishing?

When refurbishing we take care of the one to the quality assured maintenance and on the other the optical overhaul of equipment. In some cases, technical deficiencies and defects have been addressed by minor repairs. The internal components are cleaned to unrestricted further operation to ensure (eg cleaning the fan for better air circulation). In addition, all units are neutralized by us, so that in the end can no longer be traced where the equipment came from. Therefore, we clean all equipment and externally and remove eg Inventory sticker residue. The hard drives and disks that are not to be used will be removed and deleted in consultation with you, destroyed or returned. In the event of cancellation or destruction, you also get here via a further detailed report.

If you require customization, you can us this like to share so that we can arrange the transaction with you. For us, it is to be considered a matter of great concern all your customers' needs and meet.

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