Aruba Networks supported, since its...
Aruba Networks supported, since its founding in 2002, various companies to overcome their barriers of wired communications. Therefore, a lot revolves with the manufacturer to WLAN solutions, which not only individual products are offered. Likewise, you can choose from pre-made solutions for schools, retail, financial services, government and healthcare. Since the end of 2015 Aruba Networks is a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. So find perfectly coordinated software and hardware components, you are in Aruba exactly in the right place because you get the combined expertise of two experienced manufacturers at once. We offer a dealer primarily reconditioned, new and used WLAN access points and other networking accessories manufacturer.


enterprise WLAN

This range includes the widest range of products, because you get virtually for any purpose the right device or the ideal software. So APs serve with innovative technologies for equipping the building and wireless controllers centralize management. In addition, the integration is greatly simplified, of course, also increases network security, as for example, Policies can be more easily controlled. Depending on the company size and the specific requirements, you will get the perfect equipment for your application.

Even if your WLAN is distributed over several locations or added continuously new criteria, the sophisticated management systems provide full control. Thus, for complete cluster of Repair Access Points, large networks and multiple switches, as well as wired and wireless networks from different providers to centrally monitor and configure. Optionally, also the management is possible with a cloud solution to react even more flexibly and location independent. Wi-Fi networks with Aruba technology can analyze and optimize targeted easily. You get, for example. Powerful outdoor base stations that provide benefits, especially in far-reaching corporate or campus areas. Since such networks in advance must be planned exactly, Aruba Networks also provides the necessary software for this purpose.


Of course, not only the wireless communication is required in the company, however, and wireless base stations can be more performance on connecting to a wired network to. For this reason, Aruba manufactures various switches that serve as the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Whether you need this only Gigabit ports or further extensions and fiber connections are to be possible, you can decide freely. In any case, you will get quality products that you can rely on every day.

Network Security

When security Aruba also draws strongly on the mobile sector. Thereby, for example, Issues such as BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) brought to the fore. With the firewall solutions can thereby specifically control what content and services may be used in the network. The selection can be made directly by user role, application flow, location or device type, allowing you to flexibly adapt your policies at any time. To improve not only safety, but have lesser traffic thanks also more free bandwidth.

Rounding out the product field of the VPN services of ArubaOS. Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) client provides full support for third-party systems and wireless capability. In addition, a hybrid IPsec / SSL VPN has been integrated, making it quick to part secure, private network installations. A Zero-touch operation enables automatic configuration of mobile devices, thus ensuring particularly for satisfied users.
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