Apple iOS

The Apple iOS is the operating system for many mobile devices of the manufacturer, with the iPhone, of course, among the best known. However, the system is equally on the iPad. Although the functionality can be slightly different, the iOS is the same on all devices.

The main advantage of iOS from Apple is the easy familiarization and the high operating comfort. Since the system is also very similar on the different end devices, iPhone users also feel directly at home on an iPad. Thanks to the numerous functions, the operating system is also particularly versatile, whether you use mainly games or apps.

A big goal of Apple at the iOS is, however, that the user experience becomes ever more personal, so that you can even more easily work and play. For example, you can access your files no matter where they are located. In addition to the local storage, cloud services are of course also accessible. This includes iCloud from Apple, as well as the services of Dropbox and others.

Together with the Apple iOS, you also have access to the App Store, where you can find an incredible number of applications for your device. So you can finally use your iPhone or iPad as you wish. With us, of course, you will also find devices with the iOS operating system, which include, for example, used iPhones.