The Californian company Apple is...
The Californian company Apple is headquartered in Cupertino and was founded 1976th In this country, it is known primarily for iPhones, with the Mac systems include many satisfied users. In addition to smartphones, computer systems and other consumer electronics, developed the manufacturers operating systems and application software, which are used almost exclusively to the hardware of our own manufacture. Meanwhile also include Internet sales portals on the areas where music, movies and software are ready for sale. In terms of economic indicators already heard Apple the largest companies in the world, where it is naturally always regarded as a strong competitor to Microsoft because of the subject area. We offer products such as a used iPhone or MacBook, which have already been overhauled in part, but only cost a fraction.



The iMac is an all-in-one computer system, which is already equipped with all necessary to accomplish a variety of tasks. The basis is already intuitive MacOS on the system, which includes numerous applications. For the document processing and image editing you are eg. Directly well equipped after receipt.


The MacBook is the mobile devices from Apple, which compete with the traditional notebook the numerous manufacturers. Again, the MacOS is already installed, which gives you a ready to use complete system. The lightweight and fashionable design convinces many users across the board, so the devices have already achieved a certain cult status. For particularly demanding software you can rely on the once powerful models of the MacBook Pro series.


To offer you even more mobility, Apple provides under the iPad series different tablet computer that you naturally get even with us. Equipped with the mobile operating system iOS they are already prepared for many hours of entertainment, of course video and music player are integrated. A modern and functional design, the device rounds off perfectly. The cutting-edge iPad Pro Series brings you even more benefits and is also suitable as a replacement notebook. An optional keyboard and pen input work covers numerous application scenarios.


However, by far the largest celebrating success Apple continues with the Smartphons of the iPhone family. This offer with each new model more features and innovative ways to help you get the modern communication. Likewise, of course games and other applications are not forgotten, that can be easily installed via the Store of the iOS operating system. Pictures and videos take the equipment to the highest quality and the performance of the system will convince every day. Those who prefer smartphones with small screen size, gets the new iPhone SE Serie everything he needs.

Other Products

However, Apple is also always open to more new product areas and provides accordingly, a smart wristwatch under the name of Apple Watch. For the Entertainment in the home can use the Apple TV device that streams music and other applications brings to the home TV in no time. A close Connection with the products of the series already existing, such as the MacBook or the iPhone is available at all times. Especially the intuitive and user-friendly operation speaks, many users for the use of Apple products.
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