Android 8.0 "Oreo"

Android 8.0 was released in 2017 under the name Oreo. As usual, Google's mobile operating system will be used on smartphones and tablets. It has been improved with the new version again in many places and adjusted, including, for example, the picture-in-picture video function heard. You will also find corresponding devices with Android Oreo.

Changes to Android 8.0 include visual adjustments. Notifications can be e.g. mark with the help of app icons. Thanks to the Autofill API, data from apps can be transferred to suitable input dialogs. In addition, the settings were revised by changing the grouping.

Under the name Android Go, there was also an evolution, which is designed specifically for devices with weaker hardware. With version 8.1 in December 2017, an update for Android Oreo. It also includes an API for neural networks, as they are increasingly being used by apps.

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