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The Allied Telesis K. K. was established in March 1987 under the name System Plus Corporation. The former name of the company remained, however, only six months, after that it was in Allied Telesis K. K. renamed. The founder Takayoshi Oshima is still responsible Chairman.

With around 3,000 employees, the company operates internationally in the field of Network solutions operate. The German Allied Telesis International GmbH is located in Hallbergmoos and takes care of sales, marketing and support in German Space. The ROOT Incorporation, a company for wireless solutions, was acquired in 2005, to secure additional market share in this area and to improve their own techniques. current the company manufactures and develops a range of solutions for the network in the company. These are not just speed and data security in mind, but also efficient products that are environmentally friendly in operation and production.

Current Products


Since switches are next to the routers of the core pieces of a network's reliability and quality is essential. For small and medium-sized enterprises, therefore the WebSmart switches are ideal. With these, you get features such as port-based VLANs or port bundling via a simple web configuration. Optionally, you will get different connections, eg Fiber optic cable to use or provide Wi-Fi access points using PoE. If you want your Want to upgrade the network, we have several refurbished switches on sale for you. These devices are technically sound and are often still with firmware updates from Manufacturers supported.

router AR4xx and AR7xx

The routers in this series are designed using your network from unauthorized access and to protect Gives you to make a variety of useful features and services are available. as Access to the Internet is xDSL, ISDN, leased line and a primary rate interface supported. In this case, the router can fully customize to your needs. So is optional integrated VPN support and the router can be through Port Interface Cards for more Expand connections. The load balancing across multiple Internet connections is possible.

Wireless Lan

In the corporate network data security and access control is an important issue. hence provide the wireless products from Allied Telesis different protocols and security features, so that you always have your wireless network completely under control. In addition to PoE functionality are also an internal Radius Server or Access Point Clustering possible. Matching Wireless LAN adapter for the Devices are offered as a USB flash drive or PCI card. If you are on a device without PoE function want to operate such a line, this will be indicated by a so-called PoE Splitter possible.

More Products

For all components, of course, you get every possible accessories directly from Allied Telesis, so everything is completely compatible with each other. The management and monitoring of your network you can make with the software AlliedView NMS. Apart from the above mentioned Products are also solutions for very large networks offered, many more services use and protocols. But also full cabinets of DSL lines for Telecommunications providers are part of the product portfolio.
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