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As an all-in-one refers to computer systems that are innately offer everything what a desktop PC requires. So it is purely visual point of view usually a monitor that is visible but deeper than a standard screen, because the entire rest of the system is installed behind it. In the use of only a little give to no differences from the conventional desktop computer. We provide various used All-in-One systems of the renowned manufacturers such as Acer, HP, Fujitsu and Lenovo.

What are the advantages and disadvantages offers an all-in-one complete system?

The advantages are of course in space and in optics. There are, for example. No cable connections from the PC to the monitor requires, thus, the effort for clean cable routing reduces. As a rule, mouse and keyboard are provided by the manufacturer, so make sure you obtain no additional accessories to use the system. Be classified All-in-One systems primarily by the screen size, such as 19.5 inches (49,5cm). The built-in hardware can be selected according to your needs. Here, however, you should note that some components can not be replaced under certain circumstances. The hard drive and RAM are accessible on most devices, but a new graphics card for faster image and video editing can not often use. In the overall performance All-in-One systems are slightly behind the standard desktop PCs because the hardware is operated in narrow space as possible and of course still to be quiet, to provide a pleasant working environment.

Regarding the peripheral you must never compromise. They are mostly all common connections available to connect a printer, scanner, headset or other accessories. Often can also use a second monitor. But watch this carefully before purchasing on the opportunities available. In addition, many current models already have a touch screen, which is increasingly integrated with Windows 8. Whether you need it or not is a matter of taste and not a necessity.

Why use used All-in-One Computer?

Whether for office workstations or home computers, our refurbished All-in-One systems offer exactly what the name might expect: All in One. You do not have to worry about possible peripheral make, but simply pick your desired system. The commissioning is straightforward, because after you have unpacked the device, connect only mouse, keyboard and power on and ready to go. See for yourself. Whether you are a computer newbie or an experienced user, you will be your all-in-one systems do not want to miss.

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