Adventures and adventure games focus on the story. The genre is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to experience a gripping story and exciting moments in a video game. Solving puzzles and exploring the game world is often necessary to progress piece by piece in the history of the game.

The genre produced the first games very early on, because text adventures were already created on the first computers. There were usually no graphics in these, so the imagination of the player was the decisive factor. The developers had to create a story purely through text that made them want more.

Today there are adventure games for all known consoles, the PC and also mobile devices. Often the borders to other genres disappear, since adventure games can also contain role-playing or action elements. This addresses an even larger target group, whereby the respective game world can also be an important reason to buy.

So if you want to immerse yourself completely in a narrated story and be part of the story, an adventure is perfect. Moreover, these are almost exclusively single-player games, so that a multiplayer mode is usually not available at all. Currently "Life Is Strange" is an important representative of this genre and can be played on numerous devices.
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