Acer ProDock MS2339 - 90 Watt - for TravelMate P6 Series - LC.DCK0A.010 - Port Replicator
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Business Docking Solution

With the ProDock MS2339, Acer offers you an ideal way to organize your office and shows a completely solid docking concept. In everyday operation you will not want to miss the accessories quickly, because you can change between mobile and stationary operation in a few seconds. This saves you a lot of time which would otherwise be necessary to connect the notebook to the respective peripherals.

The Acer ProDock MS2339 is based on the familiar plug-in docking system. The notebook is simply placed on the docking station, gently pressed down until it clicks into place and connects directly to the connected accessories. Just as easily, the notebook with just a push button is released from the dock. Simply plugging or unplugging cables is a thing of the past.

Numerous Connectors

In the development of the ProDock MS2339 LC.DCK0A.010 Acer has also paid attention to a coherent selection of the available interfaces. Ultimately, the manufacturer achieves high compatibility with a wide range of peripherals. The four USB ports are mainly available for memory media, printers, input devices and other accessories. These also support higher data rates thanks to USB 3.0, depending on the notebook.

For loudspeakers, headsets, headphones and other audio accessories, there are corresponding sockets on the side. If you like to use multiple monitors in the office to experience a comfortable multitasking, simply connect your PC monitors to the Acer ProDock MS2339 via DVI, VGA, DisplayPort or HDMI. When connected via HDMI, of course, the transmission of audio signals is possible, if your screen has integrated speakers.

With the docking station, you are connected to your company network directly in the office by LAN connection. This, of course, supports gigabit Ethernet to ensure the highest possible data rates. You can also secure the Acer ProDock MS2339 with a cable lock, for which a corresponding slot was placed in the rear right corner.

As long as your notebook is connected to the docking station, it is charged by the 90 watt power supply. This is included in the scope of delivery and can therefore remain connected to the desk. You can leave the power supply of your laptop safely in your pocket, which means you can not forget it when you need to be out of the house at short notice.

Compact Design

Thanks to the overall dimensions of 38 cm x 16,2 cm x 3,2 cm and a weight of only 1,3 kg, the Acer takes ProDock MS2339 LC.DCK0A.010 has little space at the desk and can be set up flexibly. Moreover, it is kept in a simple and elegant black, which also looks good for a good impression. This makes the Port Replicator the perfect addition to any workplace.

Comprehensive Compatibility

Acer has designed the docking station for a variety of notebooks. Whether your support is also supported, for example, can be found using model number MS2339 or part number LC.DCK0A.010. However, in the following table we have listed all known notebooks that can be used with the ProDock, so that you can carry out a quick check. This makes the docking solution easy to use with the TravelMate P633-M53238G25tkk or the P653-MG-73634G75Makk as well as other laptops. Enjoy the advantages of a high-quality docking station at an attractive price and ensure a more comfortable use of your notebook.
ProductAcer ProDock MS2339 - LC.DCK0A.010 - Port Replicator - 90 Watt - for Travelmate P6 Series
Product TypePort Replicator
P / NLC.DCK0A.010
Width38 cm
Depth16.2 cm
Height3.2 cm
Weight1.3 kg
Expansion / Connectivity
Interfaces5 x USB 2.0
1 x Display / Video - DVI-Analogue / Digital - DVI combined, 29-pin
1 x display / video - VGA - HD D-Sub (HD-15), 15-pin
1 x Audio / Video - HDMI - 19 pin HDMI Type A
1 x Audio - line In - mini - phone 3.5 mm
1 x audio line-out - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
1 x Microphone - line-in - mini-phone 3.5 mm
1 x Audio / Video - DisplayPort - 20-pin DisplayPort
1 x network - 10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000Base-T - RJ-45
FeaturesSecurity lock slot (cable lock sold separately), Wake-On-LAN
Power DevicePower supply - external
Provided power90 watts
Compatibility Information
Developed forAcer TravelMate P633-M-33114G12tkk, P633-M-33114G25akk, P633-M-33114G50tkk, P633-M-33124G12tkk, P633-M-33124G32akk, P633-M-33124G32tkk, P633-M-33124G50tkk, P633-M-53234G12akk, P633
-M-53234G32akk, P633-M-53234G32tkk, P633-M-53234G50akk, P633-M-53234G50tkk, P633-M-53238G12tkk, P633-M-53238G25akk, P633-M-53238G25tkk, P633-M-53238G32akk, P633-M-53238G50tkk, P633
-M-53328G12akk, P633-M-53364G25tkk, P633-M-6475, P633-M-6613, P633-M-6639, P633-M-6891, P633-M-73634G50akk, P633-M-73634G50tkk, P633-V-53324G12akk, P633-V-53328G50tkk, P633-V-73528
G25ikk, P633-V-73528G25tkk, P633-V-9661, P643-M-33114G32Mikk, P643-M-33114G50Mikk, P643-M-33114G50Mtkk, P643-M-33124G32Makk, P643-M-33124G50Makk, P643-M-33124G50Mtkk, P643-M-53218G
50Mtkk, P643-M-53234G50Makk, P643-M-53234G50Mtkk, P643-M-53324G50Mtkk, P643-M-6459, P643-M-6894, P643-MG-6457, P643-MG-6820, P643-MG-9412, P643-MG-9857, P643-V-53324G50Mtkk, P643-V
-53344G32Mtkk, P643-V-6417, P643-V-6656, P643-V-9800, P653-M-33114G50Mtkk, P653-M-33124G32Makk, P653-M-33124G32Mtkk, P653-M-33124G50Makk, P653-M-33124G50Mtkk, P653-M-53214G12Mtkk,
P653-M-53218G50Mtkk, P653-M-53234G12Makk, P653-M-53234G50Makk, P653-M-53234G50Mtkk, P653-M-53234G75Mtkk, P653-M-53238G12Mtkk, P653-M-53238G75Makk, P653-M-6443, P653-M-6675, P653-M-
6861, P653-M-73634G32Mtkk, P653-M-73634G50Makk, P653-M-73634G50Mtkk, P653-M-73638G25Mtkk, P653-M-73638G50Mtkk, P653-MG, P653-MG-33114G50Mikk, P653-MG-33124G50Makk, P653-MG-33124G50
Mtkk, P653-MG-33126G32Mtkk, P653-MG-53214G50Mtkk, P653-MG-53214G75Makk, P653-MG-53234G12Mtkk, P653-MG-53234G50Makk, P653-MG-53234G50Mtkk, P653-MG-53234G75Makk, P653-MG-53234G75tkk,
P653-MG-53238G50Mtkk, P653-MG-53328G32Makk, P653-MG-73528G75Makk, P653-MG-73634G25Makk, P653-MG-73634G50Mikk, P653-MG-73634G50Mtkk, P653-MG-73634G75Makk, P653-MG-73638G75Makk, P65
3-MG-736a4G75Makk, P653-V-53326G50Mikk, P653-V-53344G32Mtkk, P653-V-53364G50Mtkk, P653-V-6850, P653-V-73528G50Mtkk
Delivery Content1x Acer ProDock MS2339, 1x Power Supply, NO Power cable included, other accessories not included


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Acer ProDock MS2339 LC.DCK0A.010 Port-Replicator Datenblatt (DE)
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