As a computer company headquartered...
As a computer company headquartered in Taipei (Taiwan) Acer was founded in 1976 under the name Multitech. The present name was founded in 1987 and comes from the Latin word for hard / back sharply.

The focus was initially on the OEM production for manufacturers like IBM. This activity has now been outsourced and Acer grew to become one of the largest manufacturers in the PC and laptop market. In addition, the company Packard Bell could take over and thus increasing market share. In a report by Greenpeace from 2010 to greening (relating to dangerous substances in the production and disposal) Acer was ranked 4 out of 16 companies.

Current product lines


This series is aimed specifically at companies for a proven and reliable solution that need mobile working. With a lightweight yet rugged housing and the intelligent design you are ideally equipped for outdoor use. A hybrid model, so its use as a notebook and tablet belongs to the range of the assortment. If they want to come to enjoy these benefits, you can find our range includes used laptops that meet your needs completely. This is not to worn out equipment, but quality refurbished laptops have been carefully reconditioned by us.


the Aspire products are the ideal everyday companion. If you are looking for a powerful entertainment system or a light and perennial Ultrabook, you can safely access here. Even entry-level devices for simple home office tasks belong to this series. The devices are available with different display sizes and customizable hardware equipment.


Both desktop fo, r use in the home office, as well as workstations for professional use in the company obtained in Acer Veriton the name. In order to meet different requirements of the company Acer provides a wide range of form factors. The features of the hardware can naturally adjust so that you get the right system for special purposes.


When buying a tablet, the operating system used is often called a reason to buy. Whether Windows or Android, Acer you get both with the Iconia series. Additional keyboard docks are for some models to long typing not having to perform touch- operation available.


The server segment comprises all possible scenarios at Acer. Whether for the first server in small business, the highest number of disks in a small space, or the maximum number of processor cores, the highest computing power. All requirements are covered by the different models. Of course, there are also complete storage solutions in the form of a SAN or as DAS. The DAS (direct attach storage) products seamlessly connect to the Altos server and thus ideally combined. In addition to the PC, server and storage products is Acer also produces monitors, projectors and smartphones (Liquid series). Overall, the products are characterized by high quality and long service life.
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