AU Optronics

The AU Optronics Corporation (AUO or short) was founded by the merger of Acer Display Technology Incorporation and Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation, in 2001. The company is part of the BenQ Group and one of the largest manufacturers of TFT - LCD monitors. In addition, solar systems are developed and manufactured.

Today's office is located in Taiwan, more precisely in the city of Hsinchu. There, the company also maintains two manufacturing facilities. Additional sites of production are China, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since almost all manufacturers are customers of AU Optronics, which brand for end-users is rather unknown. However, several manufacturers rely on the quality and reliability of its products. To include, for example, BenQ and ViewSonic to customers. However, AUO is not only flat screens for monitors and televisions forth, but can also manufacturer of navigation devices or handheld game consoles are among its customers.

Current Product Overview

TV displays

with a screen diagonal of 24-65 inches which displays AUO find their place in many TVs renowned manufacturer. The company is not only limited to the production, but also develops always new techniques and innovations to enhance the viewing experience. For example, AUO reacts on the growing market for 3D televisions by ensuring on the one hand for the appropriate displays, but also produces a comfortable and quality 3DBrillen.

notebook and computer monitors

displays are produced up to a size of 17.3-inch notebook in the area. These achieve a resolution of 1920 x 1080 ( Full HD ) and also support features such as 3D or the operation by touch. Similarly, the techniques are constantly being improved, so that the displays consume the same or even higher quality, less power. The increasing demand of ultrabooks operated AU Optronics by the development of thinner screens for various manufacturers. In the area of ??computer monitors there are similar functions as in the notebook segment. The displays offer a size of 17 to 27 inches and use the latest LED technology. Through various formats and equipment as high a number is addressed to customers.


The experience and knowledge in the areas of long-standing AU Optronics also possible to react in the smartphone segment. With the increasingly widespread smartphone customers want to use the best possible quality and features here, as they are used to from your PC and notebook. Therefore, the company manufactures display with a screen size of up to 5 inches and full HD resolution. To extend battery life, of course, the development of energy-efficient displays also plays an important role here.

In addition to these areas, AUO is also the manufacturer for displays of cars, e -readers, printers, cameras, navigation devices and public scoreboards. In addition, BenQ Solar was started in 2012 by AUO and thus represents a new brand in the field of solar energy dar. This should be promoted the use of renewable energy. One of the service centers located to this area in Oberhausen.

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