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As a manufacturer of Konnektivität- and management solutions, ATEN was founded in 1979. The head office is located in Taiwan, but there are other branches in the US, Europe and Asia. Overall, the company employs approximately 1,700 people worldwide. Its main products include KVM switches and other data communications systems. The focus is not only on large companies, but also to individual enterprise of the middle class, professionals and consumers, of course. With us you will find most professional KVM Switches ATEN brand with which the maintenance and management of your systems is greatly simplified.


KVM Switches

The KVM ATEN products cover almost all possibilities of current technology. Whether for the office desk or the data center, there is a model to suit every application. For the RACK cabinet also KVM consoles are available. These include an integrated LCD screen, making work easier especially on multiple servers. You also have the free choice of special functions. The transfer from USB, Audio, HDMI, DVI, and other common terminals is not a problem. In addition to Windows, Linux, Mac and Sun are depending on the model naturally supported operating system.

Audio and Video

For the transmission of audio and video signals can be multiple graphics switches. A wireless transmission is possible. In addition, of course, ATEN offers various accessories, such as VGA to HDMI converter to, the, various connections realized on the computer.


The number of peripherals for notebooks and computer is endless. Therefore, ATEN offers many products to USB extension and conversion. With the USB to Bluetooth KM Switch can be, for example, the computer keyboard on the smartphone or tablet use. Who needs to transmit USB signals over long distances, however, can pick up the UCE60, which transmits the signals over Cat. 5e / 6.

Power Management

The monitoring multiple servers in a data center or even RACK includes not only the direct hardware. The environment needs to be checked out on certain factors. To simplify power management ATEN therefore offers various sensors for temperature and humidity measurements. Additionally, door sensors may be used, for example, to protect the systems against unauthorized access. The administrative units and the right software products from this round also, giving you a complete solution from a single source.
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