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The ASUSTek Computer Incorporated was founded in 1990 with headquarters in Taiwan and is now managed by Jonney Shih. As a manufacturer of computer hardware, the company is known as the Asus, however, the ASRock brand was spun off in 2002 to a part of Asus. The more than 100,000 employees worldwide spread across the areas of research and development in Taiwan, production in China and the various offices in Europe and the USA. The ASUS Computer GmbH is the German - Austrian subsidiary with headquarters in Ratingen. In addition to products for the home is Asus also manufactures computers, notebooks, servers, and monitors for business customers. Current product portfolio ASUSPRO The notebook for everyday business aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. They not only convince by performance but also by life and a rugged design. The light Ultrabooks weigh it just 1.64 kg, making them ideal for travel. With comfortable keyboard, which is protected against splashing water and the anti-glare display, from 13.3 inches with HD resolution, it can also work much more enjoyable. Even the hinges are often prone Asus strict standards. In the test, the manufacturer, the notebook must therefore open 20,000 times and can close it again. Available devices with Windows 8 (compared with other available for part versions) and optional touchscreen.


With a volume of 1 to 1.5 liters are the most environmentally -friendly business PCs truly multi-talented. In comparison with the traditional desktop computer, the power consumption is 70% lower, and it can be recycled at least 90% of the materials used. Mostly shipped with Windows 8, the devices have enough power for office applications, media playback and an actual HD resolution. Who wants to save extra space, also can make simple mounting behind the monitor. The size of the monitor is irrelevant.


Who would not give up a desktop PC, found in the BM- series workstations fully equipped with up to 32GB of DDR3 memory and Intel Core i processor and the third generation. The smaller models of the BT series support half of memory and offer fewer opportunities for upgrading and retrofitting of components. But they are more economical, designed smaller and linking them directly to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8, delivered. This results in a good compromise between economical PC system and performance forms.

More Products

Besides networking hardware such as routers and wireless accessories, are and server, and especially monitors and projectors on offer from Asus. The monitors are available with a screen size from 18 to 27 inches and support all current technical standards, which are necessary for an impressive look and optimal operation. With us you will also receive a variety of used equipment and components of the brand Asus, allowing you to use the same quality at a much lower price. These include, inter alia, refurbished graphics cards with which you can increase the performance of their system quickly and easily noticeable.
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