AMD Embedded G-Serie

With the AMD Embedded G Series, you get the full scalability and flexibility Cost, power and energy consumption. The modern SOCs (system-on-chip) contain additional To the APU also the I / O controller, providing particularly compact, yet powerful and Especially energy-efficient devices. So you also benefit from the scalable Performance.

A further advantage for you as a customer is the reduced costs, which due to the attractive price- Performance ratio. Finally, both the CPU, as well as the GPU, are multimedia and multimedia I / O controller hardware fully integrated. Whether for games, beginners and mainstream systems Or even special inserts in the industry, the models of the AMD Embedded G series are suitable for The most diverse environments.

Within the AMD Embedded G-series the manufacturer runs further sub-series. In the IP product family For example, SOCs are particularly suitable for demanding applications. The J-models In contrast, deliver an outstanding performance-per-watt ratio, which is why this Especially for multimedia applications, and there are various requirements To meet.

AMD also offers SOCs that are specifically designed for impressive energy efficiency and a Unbeatable value for money. An important target group are therefore Other thin clients, which have a particularly compact housing format. With the help of Embedded G Series can also provide these systems with a desktop experience and for various Tasks in the company.

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