AMD Athlon

The model name was first used in 1999 by Athlon AMD processor family. Because of the success he is but still used and referred in particular processors for desktop computers and notebooks. Through a good price-performance ratio, these models depend in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as private users. With the Athlon CPUs also rely on reliable processors, which facilitate your daily work and have a long life. Therefore, our refurbished CPUs for upgrading are particularly suitable. The used processors were doing reconditioned by the manufacturer and provide all the features without any restrictions.

Processor family, the Athlon series

Athlon APUs

The current APUs feature an integrated graphics processor, which use a separate graphics card is no longer necessary. For these models, a motherboard is provided with AM1 CPU socket. The graphics performance of the processor corresponds to the AMD Radeon R3 and is equipped for all common tasks on a computer. Thus, for example, also supports playback of movies in HD. Overall, 4 CPU cores are at 2.0 GHz (model 5350) or 1.6 GHz (model 5150) clock speed on the processor. The 128 Radeon cores provide one with the necessary graphics power and operate with 600 MHz clock rate. Due to the low thermal design power of only 25 W is not only economical, but also very small and quiet computers are possible. These processors allow current technologies and features to use already for a small price.

Athlon II

This series is the direct successor to the Athlon X2 series produced since 2009. These processors are available for the AM2 (+), and FM1 AM3 base. With a maximum of 4 CPU cores and up to 3.4 GHz clock rate, these models work with different technologies to increase energy efficiency. Thus, individual parts of the processor to be turned off when not in use, to reduce the power consumption. Also, certain values ??for the temperature can be assigned, thereby ensuring that the exceeding of the power is reduced and the PC stays quiet and cool. Depending on the model are 1.5 to 4MB of memory as a cache is available and the TDP (thermal design power) is given as 45, 65 or 95W. Overall, the performance is sufficient for both multimedia in HD quality, as well as for Office and other office applications. In the Mobile Version of more than 2 CPU cores with a clock speed from 2.0 to 2.3 GHz are available, reducing the performance compared to the desktop version is lower. For this, however, the TDP value of 25 to 35 W is also significantly lower.

Athlon X2 / X2 64

The two processor families Athlon X2 X2 and 64 are identical in the broadest sense. The name was changed during the introduction of the Phenom series, so it can easily lead to confusion here. The X2 CPUs are designed for Socket AM2 and AM2 +, the slightly older 64 X2 models are also available for the Socket 939 With up to 2.7 GHz and 2 CPU cores, this was the first Windows compatible 64-bit processor. He therefore supports the current popular Windows 7 operating system and can master everyday tasks. The 45 W TDP stand for a little heat in the system and a good efficiency. The models for notebooks reduce this value again to 35 W and running with a 1.9 to 2.2 GHz processor. As memory is used both in desktop computers, as well as in the notebook DDR2 memory to use. Please help Google Translate improve quality for your language here.

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