As of today, the manufacturer and...
As of today, the manufacturer and distributor Allnet GmbH Computer Systems was founded in Germering near Munich in 1991. The focus was initially on network technology, such as switches and software products. Today, the company offers various products in the areas of network and telecommunications, servicing customers worldwide. Headquartered in Germany there are other branches in several countries in Europe and Asia. In order to offer the end customer a tailored solution, Allnet works closely with both manufacturers as well as retailers. The many innovative products are thereby designed and developed partly in the Allnet own laboratories.

Current Products

Line interactive

The UPS systems from Allnet offer real protection for sensitive loads such as servers, telecom equipment, and other hardware. These devices can be mounted in the rack and do not worry only during power outages for another operation and safe shutdown, but also protect against power disturbances. The management software is available for all major operating systems, so you can be fully involved in the business, whether you are running Linux or Windows server. By inserting cards desired interfaces such as RS232 or even a network connection can be retrofitted to allow the systems to meet their demands in full.


Optional 19" rack version available, the NAS devices all common protocols, and RAID support for fail-safe storage of data. grasp up to 10 hard drives and work with an Intel Core i3 or Xeon processor to provide a fast and efficient operation. Due to the many intelligent security functions they are perfectly suitable for professional use within the company. in the various RAID modes you have the choice between 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and JBOD, which can cover virtually every possible usage scenario. course, small devices are available that work with 2 hard drives and thus fo, r the home office or small branch offices are suitable

router / modem

For a fast and secure access to the Internet. it needs not only a provider with a powerful line, but also the right equipment, such as modems and routers. With the models of Allnet doing all current connections via ADSL and VDSL, supported. They provide up to 50Mbit for a reliable broadband penetration in the enterprise. Optionally, wireless functionality and VPN connections are naturally integrated. The VDSL modems and switches can also be used for 2- wire leased lines that can bridge a length of 2.5 km.

More products

Allnet also sells products ranging from video surveillance, networking over power lines, switches, mobile, server, development platforms, multimedia and other accessories, such as network closets and manifold adapter. Here are all manufactured devices for reliability and quality. You may now take advantage of cheaper easier and especially by us. With our refurbished UPSs and other used equipment you get technically sound systems that can be used for many years in the company even while still are as reliable as new equipment.
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