8 GB

Many modern computer systems are factory equipped with 8 GB of memory and offer a correspondingly high power. However, this is not just servers, workstations and desktop PCs, but also to mobile devices, such as notebooks. A later upgrade is often also possible, so that you can benefit from 8GB of RAM.

Whether you with 8 GB memory can equip your PC, depends mainly on the further hardware. A 64-bit operating system is required but just as compelling. In complete systems is often directly specified by the OEM manufacturers the maximum RAM capacity. So Just look in the data sheet or in the manual for the corresponding indication.

Depending on the number of memory slots, you can use one or more modules to reach the 8 GB total capacity. With us you get used memory of different capacities and for different systems. In notebook two RAM slots are often available, so you can use eg. Two 4 GB RAM module there.

With 8 GB of memory you can tackle just in everyday numerous tasks effortlessly. These include not only high simple activities, such as browsing the web and office applications, but also demanding applications. So Convert videos or use a photo editing software, you can also take advantage of 8GB RAM.