Today's users will appear very little 512 MB of RAM, but these continue to be used in a variety of systems. For this reason we also offer second hand RAM (Random Access Memory) modules using this capacitance that you can use to upgrade or repair.

Especially in the field of thin clients often 512 MB of RAM to be used, because the capacity is more than enough here for a variety of areas. The real computing power is usually provided by a server so that the client at the workplace is only responsible for the connection and display and even performs no other applications.

So 512 MB of RAM for thin client computer or cash register systems are used to increase the capacity and eg. A total reach 1 GB RAM. Another field of application are also NAS systems and other network devices, such as firewalls that perform also very special software, for which such a memory capacity is sufficient.

In addition, smartphones and tablets are a major field of 512 MB of RAM. Especially in the entry-level segment such capacities are used because they are sufficient for basic tasks. However, the memory of such devices can not be upgraded, which is why you should check in advance the precise purpose here.
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