4 ms - 6 ms

When a value of 4 ms - 6 ms is specified, this is usually the response time for flat panel displays. In some cases, this is also referred to as switching time and indicates how quickly a pixel can change its state. The smaller this time, the faster a complete image change can be made without streaks.

The measuring procedures for the reaction time are standardized and each manufacturer of monitors specifies them accordingly in the data sheets. Therefore, use the 4 ms - 6 ms filter to display directly all the flat screens in this area. For some applications, a low reaction time is indeed an advantage.

Especially in the gaming area, a small reaction time is considered an important property. With 4 ms - 6 ms you get a screen, which can be used for playing. If the time is too high, obvious streaks can occur during rapid movements of the mouse.
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