A hard drive capacity of 3TB holds an enormous amount of data and can therefore be used to store movies and music. However, it is used primarily in companies to secure large archives, databases and other business data, which is why you also receive corresponding models from us.

Whether you use a used hard drive with 3 TB for private or business purposes is up to you. Most data carriers with such capacity are 3.5 inches in size and have at least one SATA interface. Any deviations may exist, however, so you should also look for these features.

In addition to that you will not only get used hard disks, but also complete systems, which are already equipped with 3 TB storage capacity. For example, it may be e.g. To servers, but also desktop PCs and workstations are possible. In addition, NAS devices and special storage systems can also have such a total capacity. Just filter your search with us according to your requirements.
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