2.70 GHz

In processors, the clock frequency is the first to fall, for example, at 2.70 GHz. This is already one of the higher, but this does not automatically mean the CPUs with lower clock are generally worse. Rather, there are other features to be considered, in order to really draw conclusions about the final performance.

If you are looking for a new CPU to use it as a replacement or upgrade, you can filter directly with the 2.70 GHz clock feature. Note, however, that each motherboard has a specific socket, which can only be used by corresponding processors.

In addition to assessing the performance, consider the 2.70 GHz clock rate, e.g. Also consider the number and size of the caches. In addition, we offer not only used CPUs, but also complete systems, such as notebooks and desktop PCs, which are already equipped with processors. These are also displayed in the search, unless additional filtering is required Product categories.
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