2.40 GHz

At 2.40 GHz is a very common clock frequency of processors. In all other areas of the computer, this one is rather rare or not at all. Only the 2.4 GHz frequency band should be known to many in the WLAN area, as this is by many Standards is still in use today.

We carry numerous devices and products with the characteristic 2.40 GHz, since not only many used CPUs have this clock, but of course also complete systems with corresponding processors. If you are looking specifically for this property, you can easily carry out a search by using and get all the items from our offer as a result.

However, there is no difference between consumer and business products at the 2.40 GHz clock frequency. Basically, notebooks as well as servers, desktop PCs or workstations use the appropriate CPUs. As a search result, therefore, used Intel Xeon CPUs as well as a general overhauled notebook or a PC from the various well-known Manufacturers.
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