23 inches screen size

The 58,42 cm (23 inches) screen size is particularly very common in PC monitors, which can be obtained from the various well-known manufacturers, such as. LG, BenQ and HP. In addition to used monitors, please contact us as well as displays of Chi Mei and other large manufacturers, which are intended for the repair and can also be used for treatment.

When Monitor You should decide based on your needs, especially if the screen is used for the work and you want to use it for several hours every day. The screen size of 23 inches can be, for example the modern Full HD resolution of about 1920 x 1080 pixels, there is usually a wide-screen format is used.

In addition, however opt brightness, contrast ratio, color number and the backlight used on the quality of the display. In addition, a 23 inch LED monitor uses less power than a model with CCFL technology. Do you want to buy just a single display as a spare part, also the connection must be checked, so that proper functioning is possible.

However, the 23-inch screen is not only a high-quality display. Many monitors have other extras that allow for comfortable use. These include, for example, flexible setting of the inclination angle, as well as the height adjustment. Some models can also rotate the screen completely to switch from widescreen format in a portrait orientation.

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