2 GB

In today's desktop computers and notebooks for home users include 2GB of memory usually already to the basic equipment, as this always also a large proportion of the Overall performance has. We also offer memory modules based on various Techniques such as DDR2 SDRAM that you use to upgrade your computer or notebook can to obtain more power. Basically, the memory often even with RAM (Random Access Memory) is called.

With 2GB of RAM modules you receive mainly a cost effective way, new software use, which has higher requirements or generally to obtain more power, so the Operating system operates in total liquid. Do you want to equip your system with 2 GB memory modules, you should of course first Make sure that they are supported. With DDR3 and DDR2 but this is usually given, so you should pay particular attention to the maximum capacity, since these always is limited.

In addition come 2GB of RAM, 2GB of memory often already used in smartphones or tablets to use you in our See product range. Although there is almost never an upgrade possible, but the ranges Capacity from here, because the mobile operating systems have lower requirements than for example. At Notebooks.