19 inches screen size

A screen size of 48.26 cm (19 inches) comes virtually only in the monitor for use and is therefore not in notebooks and other mobile computers in use. Therefore you will get various used computer screens with us, as well as displays as a replacement part, which you can make an inexpensive repair.

Used 19-inch monitors, there are of course a variety of manufacturers, such as EIZO, HP or Belinea. When choosing, you should decide but always according to your requirements, because the screens are sometimes very different. The main reason is that they were designed for different purposes and is especially suitable for this.

So there are monitors with 19 inch screen size, both with 4: 3 aspect ratio, as well as the increasingly popular widescreen format. The latter is considered by many users to be more pleasant and is also suitable for various multimedia contents. In addition, of course, the resolution plays a major role, for example, 1280 x 1024 pixels or 1440 x 900 pixels can be. The more pixels (picture elements) display, the more detailed the picture is at the end
Additionally, you should also reference to the used technology, such as LED, compare and note the contrast ratio. Also include brightness and color number of the most important factors in image quality. Ultimately, however, you should also pay attention to the available connections of the 19-inch screen so you can operate it without any problems.

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