1.80 GHz

Clock frequency of 1.80 GHz has been one of the known sizes of computer systems for years. This is also the case with our used processors and complete systems. If, for example, you are looking for a CPU with precisely this clock, you can carry out a specific search for this feature and find it in our assortment.

Basically, the clock frequency 1.80 GHz says nothing about performance, age or economy. Many computer systems use these as a basic clock, but can certainly increase the load on the load in order to process the upcoming tasks faster. In quiet mode, use less energy.

Likewise, very different processors can have a clock of 1.80 GHz. Therefore it is not only to be found in desktop PCs and notebooks, but also in servers and workstations. Even tablets and smartphones can achieve such a clock rate. In order to assess the performance, the other factors should also be considered RAM equipment or the number and size of the caches.
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