1280 x 800 pixels

The more pixels, the higher the displayed resolution and the more detail is to be displayed on the screen. At 1280 x 800 pixels, you get this already sufficiently high resolution, for many different screen sizes. So it is used in notebooks from about 12 inches to 15 inches screen size.

Who would not look for the number of pixels, may be able to find also known as WXGA, as this is an alternative name for a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The W stands for Wide, because the screen size is usually at 16:10. You can therefore look also convenient movies or viewing photos, without sacrificing a current widescreen.

Do you want to swap the display of your notebook, you here in no circumstances only after the dissolution. Apart from the pixel count of 1280 in width and 800 in height, also affect other factors such as technology used, the quality of the display. In some devices, screens with different resolutions also can be installed so that you 800 pixel screen resolution may use the 1280 x even if you are currently using a lower.

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