12.5 inches screen size

Manufacturers like HP and Lenovo have already business notebooks with 12.5-inch screen in the offer, which is why we offer used laptops in this form factor. In addition, such displays are also in other areas for use, such as. The industry or in the private sphere.

Have you already made your decision and would like to in the future, a laptop with 12.5-inch screen size to use, be sure to observe the further specifications of the display. These include eg. The brightness, aspect ratio, and of course the appearance of colors. This will ensure that you will be disappointed during use, not on the quality, as there are many differences here.

As resolution you could be, for example, WXGA HD with 1366 x 768 pixels is available at screen with a screen diagonal of 12.5 inches. But there are also others which can make more or less sense depending on the application. Who wants to watch movies, is usually with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 or 16:10. Better off than, for example with the 4: 3. Format

If you already have a notebook with 12.5-inch diagonal screen and want to swap the display because it is defective or shows too many signs of wear, you can fall back on one of our displays. Check above but compatibility to ensure proper functioning.

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