RAM with 1 GB total capacity comes in various fields to use, because the memory is an integral part of a computer system. He will be often referred to with RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory and instead of 1 GB, the name is often used 1024MB.

The known memory modules with 1 GB total capacity there up to the current DDR3 memory variant. These are mainly used for upgrading or refurbishing, where multiple modules are typically used because current client operating systems require approximately 2 GB to use liquid.

In addition to RAM modules, memory but also comes in many other appliances. So can also used tablets, smartphones, and similar devices, which are available from us, have a 1 GB of RAM. Unlike traditional laptop or desktop PC, here is an upgrade but usually not possible.

Similarly, routers, firewalls, NAS systems and similar devices become more complex and powerful. In some models, the memory can also extend, with 1GB of RAM capacity usually sufficient for everyday tasks and enable all the features you expect.
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